Ken Graham's Web Page

"A web page that has information for friends and relatives and includes genealogy, pictures, documents and other items"

Darreld Graham, Living Hero

"From the Daily Nonpareil Newspaper on December 24, 2017"

Daily Nonpareil Article

Genealogy Pictures for the Graham's and other relatives

"Includes genealogy pictures for the Graham's Kemmish's Stewart's, Davis's and several other family names"

Genealogy pictures.

Document concerning John Graham American Revolution Patriot
Credited to Peterborough of the Massachusetts Line by Philip Elzy Graham

"Adobe document and footnotes"

Credited to Peterborough of the Massachusetts Line - click for document

Footnotes - click for footnotes

1652 indentured servant Alexander Grimes alias GRAHAM

"July 26, 2000 letter from the late Rilla Mahr - possibly our first Graham in America"

Letter from Rilla Mahr - click for letter from Rilla Mahr

download the adobe reader for pdf's if needed

Various Genealogy documents that may be of interest

"Henry Harrison Davis genealogy information"
"Kemmish immigration ship Golconda"
"Civil War veteran Andrew Lyons, father of Leona Lyons Kemmish "

Various Genealogy Documents.

Documentation for the Sons of the American Revolution Membership

"Information Includes information from John Graham (revolutionary soldier) to James Henry Graham"

Documents for the Sons of the American Revolution

More Graham Documents that may be of interest

"Includes 1760 Tax Document for Angus Graham"

Additional Documents.

Tri-Center Class of 1964

"Tri-Center Class of 1964"

Class of 1964 pictures.

How to Become a Christian - First Baptist Church of Bellevue

"How to Become a Christian"

How to Become a Christian

God's Plan for Salvation

"God's Plan for Salvation"

God's Plan for Salvation

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